TMJ Redondo Beach

TMJ Redondo Beach

The Temporomandibular jaw, or TMJ, can be affected by TMD (Temporomandibular join disorders). These are a group of conditions characterized by pain and dysfunction of the TMJ or surrounding muscles. It is not easy to diagnose what is specifically causing these symptoms. The good news is that there are conservative remedies that can help resolve TMD cases. Dr. Shvartsman in Redondo Beach is experienced in treating patients with problems surrounding their TMJ.

The causes of TMD include orthopedic problems such as inflammation, sore muscles, strained tendons, ligaments, and disc problems. It is also influenced by genes, gender, and age. Physical and psychological stress are also known to be factored in the risk of experiencing TMD.

The symptoms of TMD includes clicking sounds from the jaw, muscle pain in the cheeks and temples, and join pain affecting one or both jaw joints. Once you have received an examination, Dr. Shvartsman can develop the best strategy for managing the pain and treating the condition. Home-based remedies include changing to a softer diet, which will exert less stress on the muscles and joints.

Other complex forms of treatment may include orthodontics, dental bridgework, cortisone injections, or lavage (flushing) of the joint. It is rare that major surgery is performed for TMD. It is recommended to try home-based, conservative remedies if possible. You can begin your recovery by scheduling an examination at our office.

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