Teeth Cleanings Redondo Beach

Teeth Cleanings Redondo Beach

Gregory Shvartsman DDS offers professional-grade teeth cleaning that incorporates cutting edge technology and equipment to more effectively clean your teeth and gums. Dr. Greg takes a compassionate approach to dental care, creating a comfortable atmosphere where each individual patient can get the excellent care they need.

Cleaning from the Inside Out

Sure, Dr. Greg can give your teeth a fantastic cleaning. But what he does that separates his service from other specialists is that he provides you with the education you need to take a more active role in your oral health for the rest of your life. Together, we can help you be more conscious and make better choices when it comes to your teeth and gums, which, in turn, will help you make better, more informed choices that improve your overall health!

Fight Plaque and Calculus Deposits

Your teeth start to build up plaque and hard deposits known as calculus, which provide ideal conditions for bacteria growth, which will multiply and progress into tooth decay and gum disease. Periodontal disease and gum inflammation can influence systemic or even whole body diseases. Regular cleanings every 6 months with our team will prevent plaque and calculus build-up. When calculus is present, a more thorough deep cleaning called root planing and scaling may be required to fully remove the build-up below the gumline.

First Rate Technology and Equipment

We utilize a unique and specialized set of tools to execute our teeth cleaning procedures. After an oral examination has been performed to thoroughly analyze your oral tissues, we will use tools like an ultrasonic scaler and curettes that help remove all of your plaque and calculus.

We’ll finish your teeth cleaning treatment with a polishing procedure with a low-speed rotary brush fitted with a soft rubber tip to give your teeth a dazzling luster.

There’s a lot you can do on your own to improve your oral health. But it’s important to maintain regular teeth cleanings with a professional like Dr. Shvartsman twice annually. Contact Dr. Gregory Shvartsman today to schedule your teeth cleaning in Redondo Beach, CA. today!

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