Dr. Shvartsman Family and Cosmetic Dentistry Scholarship


At the office of Redondo Beach dentist Dr. Gregory Shvartsman, education is highly valued. Academic achievement is a recipe for career success and the professionals at Dr. Shvartsman’s office certainly agree. That is why he has established the Dr. Shvartsman Family and Cosmetic Dentistry Scholarship. With this opportunity, students can look forward to successfully completing their academic objectives and embark on a path towards a successful career.

The Dr. Shvartsman Family and Cosmetic Dentistry Scholarship will be offered to students of all majors. It will be annually renewed and granted to students who have demonstrated academic and written merit.

Scholarship Value: $500.00


  • Full-time or part-time college enrollment
  • GPA 2.80 or higher

Due Date:  2/25/2017


Please submit a response to the provided essay question. The response can be mailed or emailed to the provided address or email. Please include student name and contact information (email, phone, or mailing address).

Scholarship Contact Information:

Dr. Shvartsman Family and Cosmetic Dentistry Scholarship

5305 E. 2nd St Suite 205

Long Beach, CA 90803

Email: darath@pseos.com

Essay Question:

Describe your experience with receiving medical care from a physician. How can current technologies (tablets, smartphones, etc.) be integrated to help improve the efficiency and quality of medical care? State your reasoning and include an introduction and conclusion. The recommended format is no more than 1,200 words, 12-pt font, times new roman, and 1-inch margins.

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