Oral Cancer Screenings Redondo Beach

Oral Cancer Screenings Redondo Beach

Oral cancer is dangerous and it can be difficult to detect until it reaches an advanced stage. At these stages, there is a low chance that patients can survive after treatment. Fortunately, a test is available that will help you determine your probability of having this disease. Early detection has been proven to increase the survival rate of oral cancer to 80 percent or better.

An oral cancer examination is fast and painless, with the objective to identify small changes in the lining tissues of the mouth. The screening process is mostly visual and involves detecting any abnormalities.

While oral cancer mostly affects patients over the age of 40, younger people are the fastest-growing segment among oral cancer patients. This is due to the spread of the sexually-transmitted Human Papilloma Virus (HPV16). Additional major risk factors include being middle aged or older, moderate to heavy drinkers or tobacco users, chronic exposure to the sun, and cancers of the lips.

Detecting oral cancer can be achieved with regular or routine dental checkups. The screening will include a visual assessment of the lips, tongue, and inside of the mouth.  You may be palpated to search for signs of lumps or swellings. Areas can also be checked using a special light, eye, or other procedure. If anything appears abnormal, a biopsy can be easily performed.

If abnormal sores or color changes are detected, they may be symptoms of oral cancer.  While most are benign, unusual sores or changes that remain after 2-3 weeks should be diagnosed and examined. Early diagnosis is one of the best ways to protect against oral cancer.

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