Invisalign Redondo Beach

Invisalign Redondo Beach

Invisalign represents an exciting advance in dentistry and orthodontics. No longer do patients have to endure cumbersome and often uncomfortable metal braces. Granted, braces have come a long way since the old days. Braces are more discreet than ever. But dentistry continues to move forward, to where metal or ceramic braces are no longer necessary for certain candidates. Now, certain patients can take advantage of removable, translucent alignment trays through Invisalign technology.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign presents a new, nearly invisible way to align teeth without braces. The process consists of a series of clear, removable aligners that, over a certain period of time, will gradually straighten your teeth.

How does it work?

Dr. Shvartsman incorporates 3-D computer imaging technology in create each aligner tray. Each custom-made aligner will adjust your teeth incrementally in two week increments in most cases. After the two-week period, the next set of aligners are worn and the pattern repeats until the desired position is achieved.

What are the advantages of Invisalign?

What distinguishes Invisalign from traditional braces is that it is clear, virtually unnoticeable, and removable, though it is recommended that you wear them for 22 hours daily. The ability to remove the aligners is a huge advantage for photographs, events, and even for eating! You can straighten your teeth without attracting unwanted attention or going through the discomfort of braces.

You can take care of your Invisalign mouth trays just like you would any other apparatus. Rinse it and clean it thoroughly. Brush, eat, and drink like you normally would over the course of your treatment. You will no longer have to deal with the irritation and inconvenience that metal braces will certainly cause.

The aligners are clear and have a similar appearance to tooth-whitening trays. However, they are custom-made to provide a better fit for moving teeth. With the advanced computer technology, Invisalign can treat a variety of cases with the utmost precision, giving you a celebrity smile quicker and more discreetly than traditional braces.

How do they move teeth?

Your invisalign aligners are made up of virtually invisible, thermoplastic material that is specifically engineered for your Invisalign treatment plan.

Invisalign uses controlled force to slowly move the position of your teeth, adjusting your bite and misaligned teeth in the process. In contrast to brackets and arches, the force is not only controlled, but timed. During each stage, only a certain number of teeth are allowed to move. The schedule and timing of the application of force is determined during the orthodontic treatment plan. We’ll discuss all of your options during your consultation. We will give you clear, precise information and projections about how long we should expect you to be using Invisalign.

What happens to me after treatment?

It is recommended that you supplement your treatment with a retainer in order to prevent your teeth from gradually shifting back to their original position, something they are are inclined to do. Dr. Shvartsman will give you a customized post-treatment recommended plan. We might suggest that you continue to wear a retainer at night for your upper, your lower, or both upper and lower rows of teeth.

What if I already have braces? Can I switch to Invisalign?

It really depends on the condition that warranted you getting braces in the first place. In more severe cases of misalignment or irregular bite, we recommend staying with the treatment course that you already have planned. Generally speaking, most dentists and orthodontists will give you both options if your cases qualifies for Invisalign. In some cases, Invisalign cannot be used for alignment correction. However, if you feel that you qualify for Invisalign, schedule your consultation with Dr. Greg today and we’ll further explore your options with you.

Contact Dr. Gregory Shvartsman today for Invisalign treatment in Redondo Beach and the surrounding areas. Pick up the phone, contact our office, and we’ll schedule your initial consultation today and discuss if you are the right candidate for Invisalign. We are confident that we can give you the compassionate care that you need.

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