Dental Fillings Redondo Beach

Dental fillings Redondo Beach

Fillings do what their name implies, which is seal a small hole in your tooth. This includes sealing holes caused by cavities or decay. They prevent the decay from spreading further into your tooth and the sensitive inner pulp tissue in the root canal.

There are a number of materials used to fill teeth. The process begins with a clinical exam of the tooth with x-rays, which determines the extent of the decay. The decayed area of the tooth is removed using a handheld instrument. This will be done while your tooth is anesthetized, which helps prevent discomfort.

Tooth-colored fillings are created from composite material, porcelain, or glass ionomer material. Composite ones are a popular choice for those who do not want their fillings to be noticeable. They are more expensive than their amalgam counterparts, but require less drilling.

Porcelain fillings are lifelike, being able to last for a long time and do not stain. They may require the use of a dental laboratory or specialized computer technology. Porcelain is considered the most aesthetic-friendly material.

Created from acrylic and glass powders, glass ionomer fillings are inexpensive and translucent. This provides them the advantages of blending in with your natural teeth color. They also release small amounts of fluoride to help reduce the risk of decay.

You can discuss more regarding fillings at Redondo Beach by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Greg Shvartsman.

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