Cosmetic Bonding Redondo Beach

Dental Bonding Redondo Beach

Dental bonding is one of the most cost-friendly and simplistic ways of repairing a chipped or fractured tooth. A tooth-colored resin is bonded to your tooth in order to restore previous tooth structure. This resin is applied and hardened with a special light that ultimately bonds the material to your own tooth, which will restore your smile.

If you’ve experienced dental damage, our teeth bonding procedure might be the easiest and most cost-effective option for you. Dr. Shvartsman can get it done in a timely fashion, and nobody will be able to tell that your tooth was damaged in the first place.

The Many Uses of Dental/Teeth Bonding

Dental bonding can be used to repair chips, discoloration, and even minor gaps and spacing problems. We use composite resins, a mixture of plastic and glass, which are used for its strength and translucent properties, in order to perform our dental bonding treatments to restore your smile after trauma or injury.

Quick and Easy

Our bonding process doesn’t involve any laboratory work whatsoever. It only takes about 30 minutes to an hour to achieve your original smile. We etch the surface of your teeth with an acidic gel, allowing tiny pores to open up on the surface. A hardening tool (a special curing light) is used to finalize the process and bond the composite resin to your tooth, completing the cosmetic bonding procedure.

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